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Giles Turnbull: Rising, not so slowly

rising slowly – here is the weather

A photo on Flickr

Bravo to Giles Turnbull for resuscitating the Rising Slowly ‘weather blog’. Most interesting though is the fashion of its revival: a pared-down and flickr feed. Brilliant.

Why spend time rewriting content snippets when a pity one-liner and the link itself will suffice. It’s quick, simple, elegant and with such a low cost of time it must be a profitworthy activity (although one suspects a) that Giles is plain obsessed by weather and b) that sales aren’t his main motivation – spot the disarmingly geek-chic anti-sales message:

Supporting Rising Slowly

Not terribly sure what to put here yet. Something about Paypal
maybe? Or buying stuff on a wishlist? Or just sending me some happy
email? Dunno.

Of course, if you want to advertise on RS, you could do that too. If you like.

I never was much of a salesman.

Wonderful. Let’s see what the blog networks make of this radical, pared-down approach.