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Stunning ‘online’ customer service:

Two things came together: hearing Peter Ahl (MD and founder of speak at ‘What’s New in Online Marketing‘ and really enjoying hearing about their pragmatic ajaxing (as well as their having grown to 5% market share of the floral business in the UK) and my mum staying with us for a week as we got to grips with our newborn.

The time was ripe to ‘say it with flowers’, as the phrase goes, so I gave SerenataFlowers  a quick whirl. Sadly, I was a little too quich and while wibbling between a white thingy and a pink thingy I accidentally added both, then checked out with rapidity not noticing I’d bought both. Doh. While I was a bit miffed at the checkout not having really, really checked that I didn’t want both (!) I wrote this off to experience and consoled myself with the thought of a happy mum.

I was surprised therefore to get a call from the delightfully-helpful “Jeff” in their call centre today, ringing to check that I’d really meant to order two. I admitted that I’d made a mistake, but also that I was happy to live with it. He said it was no problem, that these things happen, that it was their practice to ring and check in cases of double quantities and as I spoke he refunded my card and cancelled the extra plant.

Now, I just don’t see how things get better than this. Slick web interface; good service; good standard operating procedures; humanoids who call you and can make decisions; and a focus on treating the customer well. While I hadn’t held my mistake against Serenata you can be sure that I’ll remember this customer service and will use the service again. Bravo.