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BBC: “Manilow to drive out ‘hooligans'”


A council in the Australian city of Sydney is taking radical measures against car-revving youths – the calming tones of singer Barry Manilow. [snip]

Deputy mayor Bill Saravinovski said … “Daggy music is one way to make the hoons leave an area, because they can’t stand the music”.

Now, I totally sympathise with the residents, but can we be sure that:
1) there’ll be no subliminal damage either to the residents or the youth
2) that this won’t simply enrage them beyond their powers of endurance; and
3) we won’t have BM-singalikes in future years on Ozzie Idol (Idle?) saying ‘I was inspired in my teens at the local supermarket…’

They are conjuring powers which are greater than any single small town to contain… Be afraid.