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Lunch 2.0

Lunch 2.0 – About

Well well well – with charming inevitability, we have (after Web 2.0, Marketing 2.0, eCommerce 2.0, Business 2.0)… “Lunch 2.0”.

This concept, according to the latest lunchors (those excellent folk at Meebo) is as follows:

Lunch 2.0, to give a bit of background, was a cool idea that a few folks from Plaxo had. They bring together people interested in new emerging technologies around the Bay area and have them chat during lunch.

[the ‘about’ page at still has the out of the box ‘about’ page].

You can read about the event on the Meebo blog.

It’s a pity that they didn’t take the opportunity to radically reassess the lunching paradigm, to denote the phase change from Lunch 1.0 (so yesterday, dahlings) to Lunch 2.0. There’s no historical nod to the sandwich houses of L2.1, nor the late-90s “soup craze” of L2.2, redifining, as it did, the notion of a ‘liquid lunch’ – reappropriating the term for vegetarian tee-totallers the world over.

I’d have liked to see some key components of Web 2.0 showing up in the lunching, to whit:
* modular, not monolithic. A pizza’s just too old school. Mezze, tapas or even sushi would have had a more component-oriented approach.
* API/service-oriented. While take-away certainly counts as Service 1.0, I think a more personal, one to one, and individual service approach should be encapsulated here. Maybe cooking at the table for the person next to you? chopping their food? Pre-mastication?

Seems like there’s plenty of room for people to build on this ‘modern lunching’ notion: that is, before we all tire of “me too” namings and/or Web3.0 necessitates Lunch3.0!


Darn, an even more cunning take on the ‘nutrition/eating 2.0’ bandwagon: Cake 2.0 or ‘Cake on Rails’. Thanks to Chris Lake for this.

Helen of Troy’s beauty was such that it could launch a thousand ships. What is the quality therefore of Web2.0 that it can launch a thousand parodies??