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Slightly Foxed

The other day I got an email from a dear friend (but infrequent emailer) asking if I had come across “Slightly Foxed”. Wondering whether he was having a midlife crisis and had joined a secret society I had to admit I’d not.

A few days later the most beautifully produced, confidently-designed book arrived at home: Matthew had generously got me a subscription 🙂

If you think Granta meets Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent then you’ll get an idea of quirkiness and personality meeting intelligent analysis and literature.

It’s very much a miscellany though – just the thing to read through, ignoring any initial distaste for a topic, since even the most unpromising seem to flower into an interesting read. Ideal to expand and stimulate interests (for example I now have to read On the Psychology of Military Incompetence, following a great article called “Blame it on Matron”… You get the picture! Well, you will if you get a copy of Issue 9 from their backissues page:

Slightly Foxed

Overall, a really great recommendation which I’m very happy to pass on. Check it out! I was so pleased I sent the Publisher some fan mail 🙂