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Apple debuts Intel-powered Macs

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple debuts Intel-powered Macs

… and mercy me, what power there is too! If you’re going to make a change from the venerable PowerPC then doing so with such panache is the way to go.

Now, I have a perfectly servicable G4 laptop, yet I’m already lusting after the new dual-core ‘pro’ laptops… I could excuse this (after all, tech-lust is allowable “boy foible”), but I know I’m just plain stupid, exploited and being laughed at when the new versions of iWork (er – isn’t this just AppleWorks 1990?) are offered without an upgrade price. Ah, the cost of Mac ownership. It’s like I imagine a mildly abusive relationship to be: some irrational attraction that defies explanation (or at least any explanation that’s palatable); the feeling that the attraction is not reciprocated; that you’re being mocked or disrespected and finally that you should be grateful for the occasional glimmers of kindness…

Still, I’m trying to think of a valid business reason to get the latest offering from the sans-serif smug contrarians… I wonder if “gullible obsession” is valid reason for tax-deductible expenditure…? 🙂