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Alice in hospital

Poor Alice, here in the isolation room at the Royal London Hospital.

She’d had chicken pox, then impetigo and then lethargy/stomach upsets and general not-wellness. To top it all off there appeared a nasty swelling at the base of her neck, hot to the touch and painful. Quick trip to the GP was on the cards. One referral to hospital later and there ensued blood tests, swabs, x-rays, ultrasound and finally an IV drip of antibiotics.

Alice took all of this rather well, helped by a liberal supply of “I’ve been brave” stickers. What a great idea.

Since there was some concern that the lurgy couldn’t be identified and could be contagious we were put in an isolation unit and Vicky had the joy of spending 24 hours there with Alice.

Staff were great, the environment was as good as could be and overall everyone worked to make the stay as painless as possible. Cheering to be able to report so positively on our brush with hospital. It was very hot there, though 🙂

Helga stayed over at our house to look after Manon who seemed unpeturbed by the temporary loss of her twin, rather enjoying the attention as an only child for a while. Since Alice’s release Manon’s been very solicitous and informs us all the while that Alice isn’t well.

This photo of Alice shows her watching cbeebies on the monitor while awaiting a scan. Thank god for cbeebies!