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Identity 2.0

Identity2.0 – OSCON Presentation

Superb presentation on “Identity 2.0” – how to move beyond the user/pword paradigm currently on the web, as well as getting ownership of “your” identity (rather than having it bound up with the site – eg Amazon ‘owns’ your purchasing history and you can’t ‘take’ that to Barnes&Noble for their view on recommendations for you!).

The presentation style is very slick, humourous and impressive. I was going to say that it reminded me of a presentation that Lawrence Lessig gave at the RSA back in 2004, but the last slide credits the presentation style of Mr Lessig, so it’s clearly not only me that was impressed.

There’s an O’Reilly conference on Web2.0 in october with a session on Identity2.0, and Dick Hardt’s weblog is at