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[inpo] in no particular order

Just managed to get a my feed into the right-hand sidebar included as a nicely displayed feed.

I first saw this on Giles Turnbull’s site and wondered how to achieve the same effect. Giles’ weblog (and his delicious posts) are a must-read imho and it made me realise that there are only two important things you need to know about someone online: what they write and where they browse!

Anyway, thanks to reading the source on Giles’ page I realise that there’s a javascript feed from delicious and that you can pull and format it. The line of code can be seen in the HTML source.

It seems to have picked up the CSS and looks fine. I hadn’t expected that (!) but since I’m working this out as I go along I think I’ll leave well alone.

UPDATE: 2008-03-25: my site’s changed, Giles’ has changed, but there’s now an easy way to generate the script on the delicious site: