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TheFridayProject: web to print

The Friday Project :: Launch Announcement

The people behind The Friday Thing and ‘London by London’ (editorially-managed email newsletters) have racked up the PR by turning themselves into ‘a publishing company’.

The founders of the company are fortunate to have a) two titles which are book-ready; b) topics which lend themselves to the coffee-table/whimsy market and c) journalistic and commissioning experience – ie turning ideas into commissioning briefs for publications and/or pitching column concepts to editors.

Whether there’s a massive movement to create books from web concepts remains to be seen. There’ll certainly be enough to keep a publishing company busy for as long as it maintains a sense of whimsy and fun. From a web perspective, the myriad whimsical sites, personalities and one-line-jokes represent a real mother-lode for the A&R people in publishing… Maybe people should look carefully at their copyright statements on their blogs and mailing lists 😉