Illiterate ad

Came across this ad the other day – couldn’t believe the language used. Not sure if the client approved this, the sub-editor was drunk or the recruiter really hated the client.
Names have been removed to protect the guilty. What does this say of the firm or the client?
Recruitment consultant's illiteracy

Ad illiteracy

Social media and moblogging??

Originally uploaded by Emma and Lorenzo Wood

Hot on the heels of MySociety’s iPhone app for their wonderful FixMyStreet service, Lorenzo spotted this in the wilds of Shoreditch…

Numbered CCTV is one thing (a la Westminster’s unique parking location references (UPLs?)) but texting incidents is a step further.

The cynic in me wonders if this means that the cameras are not monitored until they get a text?

Thinking further forward, why even bother having a camera: just get people to send in photos by MMS with the reference number of the nearest lampost…

Stand by for a new wave of crime – stealing mobiles of people reporting incidents…

Favourite New Year’s Resolution…

Twitter / Neal Preece

Well, I’ve read too many 2009 predictions and resolutions and am thoroughly sick of them. Then I came across Neal’s thought on Twitter and it made me laugh: had to share it – my favourite pronouncement of 2009…

“I’ve thought long and hard, and have decided on my New Year’s resolutio n. 1024×768.”


Happy, Hoppy New Year

Leaping Donkey (IMG_3300.JPG)

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We decided not to slob this New Year’s Day and so made a picnic and headed out to walk in St James’ Park. The idea was to have the park to ourselves, no traffic, free parking and a bracing run around then humble picnic (since of course nothing’d be open).


London was packed with left-over revellers and there was also the New Year Parade (apparently been going for years – never knew). This meant we couldn’t park, couldn’t get to St James’ and ended up in Mayfair wandering through the end-of-parade bits as they “de-paraded” (what do you do at the end of your particular parading? “Stop”? “De-commence”? “De-parade”?).

Anyway, a whole troupe of donkeys (actually, I should say a ‘pace of donkeys‘) passed by: some dressed as Rudolf, pulling traps, carrying kids – madness. The Donkey Breed Society, it seems.

Anyway, this particular Jack was in a right old mood, bucking and kicking. He was really out of character with the weirdly jovial pace (and all the more funny because of that). I just managed to get a shot as he had all fours off the floor.

This levitating donkey struck me as a nice start to the year.

Happy New Year to one and all: peace, health and prosperity to you, as well as a few moments of feet-off-the-ground fun!


Sigh – maybe it’s ironic? Or a graphic designer’s claim that an apostrophe can live above a random letter?

Apostrophe is more like ‘Nopostrophe’ with their season’s greetings…

E-mail error ends up on road sign

Couldn’t have invented this – I just wish I’d been the one to find it 😉


“When officials asked for the Welsh translation of a road sign, they thought the reply was what they needed. Unfortunately, the e-mail response to Swansea council said in Welsh: “I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated.” So that was what went up under the English version, barring lorries from a road near a supermarket. “

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | E-mail error ends up on road sign


Gwych. Rhagorol.

Surely the Welsh Assembly should now take a stand and call for the belated and much-anticipated outlawing of OOO messages?

Going Underground: prestigious West End address, just 100ft underground.

BT is selling off some secret WW2 tunnels, originally built as air-raid shelters during the Second World War.

Water, leccy etc all provided. Probably quiet too. Views won’t be great (!) but it’s quite a talking point and you’d be able to jog for a mile each day without leaving your home.

Secret WW2 tunnels up for sale

Saith BT:

The property is now being offered to the market for purchasers with the resources and profile suited to re-using the site.  Sadly, however, restrictions mean there is no opportunity for the tunnels to become a smart new hotel, home or office.
Hewitt, said, “We are looking for a purchaser with the imagination and stature to return the tunnels to productive use. The site has the most fantastic history and, now that we have no requirement for it for telecommunications use, it is right that we should offer it to the market.  Here’s hoping it has a fantastic future as well.”

The San Francisco Citizen » Blog Archive » Google Employees Press 14 Buttons to Operate Their Toilets.

The San Francisco Citizen | Google Employees Press 14 Buttons to Operate Their Toilets.

Wow. Admiration and fear.

I don’t understand quite how “Front Wash” can be effective while yet not splashing one’s shirt…

I also have a concern about continued functioning during a power cut. Backup power generation?

For those who’ve read Philip Kerr’s Gridiron – “a story about a highly technical building (nicknamed The Gridiron), which becomes self-aware and tries to kill everyone inside” – your main response to this will of course be fear of a rather horrid way to die…