Microposting(s) for October 4th through November 22nd

These my micropostings and bookmarks – October 4th through November 22nd:

  • The Best of Artisan Cosmetics | Fast Company – "If you wouldn't eat your bath and body products, you're using the wrong stuff"
  • Comet boss believes less-is-more philosophy will beat Best Buy | Business | The Guardian – Nice article on the response of Comet to the "Big Box" and discount-led approach of Best Buy.<br />
    <br />
    Hugh Harvey, MD, said "Today the role of the internet is to provide the catalogue and the role of the store is to provide the experience of the showroom – almost like a department store. We have made the transition from an out-of-town shed operator to an out-of-town store and our fit and finish is much different to how it was."
  • Helzberg – I Am Loved – Interesting new site, powered by Bazaarvoice and their Stories system. Note the way that UGC and stories are being edited into TV/broadcast video stories to amplify the intersection of customer's stories and brand values.
  • China's Homegrown Luxury | China International Business – Intersting article, courtesy of the business of fashion blog, on this rise of indigenous, craft-inspired luxury in china. A glimmer of the future today…
  • Literature and Latte – Links – Stupendously useful and informative page on writing tools, word-processing and screen writing. All that I need now is an idea 😉
  • Fashion 2.0 | Provenance? There’s an App for That − BoF – The Business of Fashion – Nice piece on the important of provenance and (as we non-luxury folk would say) "transparent supply chain".<br />
    <br />
    Cute to see the app angle, although people like Icebreaker make this available via their "Baaacodes" on their websites. Not sure that there's a sufficiently compelling call to fire up an app, but the trend is a positive one.