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Microposting(s) for January 15th through January 22nd

These my micropostings and bookmarks – January 15th through January 22nd:

  • – About TheBrain – Hyperbolic Tree navigation and association returns! 9 years after seeing some nice examples move from PARC to production here's another one.
  • recycled composting instant desk mini bin : Inventoids – Wonderful! Another great idea from the fertile Inventoids mind. This one is a detailed 'how to' – the combination of a great inventive mind and too much time (or distraction activity?). Should be cross-filed under origami 😉
  • Hydra 2.0 + Aperture Plug-In | Creaceed – Woo. High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography plugin for Aperture. HDR is essentially a 'morph' of several photos of the same scene, each at different exposure values, so that you get a combined, higher dynamic range – ie details in the shadows as well as details in the highlights. This will make HDR as easy as stitching panoramas.
  • Twitter Fan Wiki / Hashtags – Hashtags – the # on Twitter and how to aggregate and follow these 'channels'.
  • Credit crunch support | Technical and Business Topics | ICAEW – ICAEW's credit crunch portal. Good idea for a professional body to set up a 'theme' or 'collection' page.
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