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Microposting(s) for January 6th through January 12th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – January 6th through January 12th:

  • Bride's advert for wedding guests – a new franchise idea?? (BBC NEWS | UK | England | London) – Why stop at this? Surely, there's a business here? A sort of modern 'rent-a-friend'.

    Service extensions could involve an in-depth advance interview with the bride (memorising key dates, anecdotes, family names, locations); the "Silver" level would include carrying pictures; "Gold" would involve repeating stories to emphasise key personality traits; while "Platinum" could involve learning jokes in the bride's language and some national dances/folk songs.

    Of course, the Platinum is no more than a good Welsh or Scots wedding, so I think there'll be a pool of trained people in the UK.

    Best of all, a full service would cover ages from 1 through 100 and therefore bring back into the workplace the old and the very young (aka "new apprentices").

    I'm now just waiting for Gordon Brown to announce this as a new recession-busting initiative, and how Britain can be the Wedding Capital of the World.


  • Carbon cost of Googling revealed (BBC NEWS | Technology) – Two googles = one cup of tea.

    New equivalences for a new age.

  • How To Twittersquat The Top 100 Brands @ErikJHeels – How To Twittersquat The Top 100 Brands

    Link courtesy of @Peter_abrahams

  • Where is Your Username registered – Useful service to check a username against dozens of social networks, microblogging and other services. Ideal for monitoring use of a brand name, or helping maintain a consistent user identity across so many services.

    Thanks to @peter_abraham for the pointer.

  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Tech fair offers greener vision – 'Green-ness' is becoming a factor in purchasing:

    "In the near future, the "greenness" of a gadget will have a big influence on whether consumers will buy it, suggests research published as CES begins."

  • ProfCast – ProfCast Features
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