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Microposting(s) for December 10th through December 12th

These my micropostings and bookmarks – December 10th through December 12th:

  • Small Flags – Joy! Here, in one place, all of the flags you could want ready for those i18n sites!

    A service to mankind. Manuel Giorgini we salute you.

  • FixMyStreet – iPhone app. – MySociety are/is wonderful, and fixmystreet worked (I had some graffiti removed within a week and a courtesy call to check I was happy. From Tower Hamlets!?! Magic!).

    Now, they've put this wonder service onto the iphone. In their words:

    "I’m very excited to announce that the iPhone app for FixMyStreet is now live and available for download on the App Store (link opens the App Store in iTunes). You can now record a problem when out and about with your iPhone, using its camera and GPS, ready for checking and submitting to the council. Hopefully people will find this useful! :)"

    Awsome. The Social Mobile Geolocation-aware Web.

  • Christmas on Oxford Street: Tinsel town – Interesting article in Retail Week – a wander down Oxford Street rating the Christmassiness and retail 'pizzaz' of the main retailers.

    I'm pleased to say that House of Fraser, one of my clients, performed well (ok, top 🙂 ) and it's good to see the hard work behind the scenes bearing fruit on the shop floor.

    Highlight quotes include:

    "This really is very impressive. The decorations throughout the store are subtle and sophisticated.

    "The Christmas shop itself is excellent – great for inspiration and it feels relaxing. Price offers are subtly but clearly communicated. Crucially, House of Fraser is giving people a reason to come here and it is good at making people shop."

    Festive feeling: 10/10
    Display and merchandising: 8/10
    Customer journey: 9/10
    Total: 27/30

  • MailSteward – Maybe this is what I need to help OSX's deal with over 100k email messages? Sick of rebuilding the 'envelope' file (whatever that is)…
  • Blue Microphones: Products: Snowball – Stephen Fry has one. Clearly I need to own one too.
  • BusySync – Sync iCal and Google Calendar – from BusyMac – More fully-featured that Google's iCal CalDAV sync offering – main benefits are: iPhone syncing, calendars appearing natively in iCal (not as DAV attachments to iCal), and support for shared/multi-owner calendars.
  • WooThemes Demo – Typebased theme – Nice theme from the folk at Woo Themes.
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