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Microposting(s) for November 29th from 17:25 to 22:14

These my micropostings and bookmarks – November 29th from 17:25 to 22:14:

  • Present&Correct – Color Planner – Another stationery fetish "find" – this time thanks to @offmessage.

    Quirky stationery and 'making' things – with an olde-worlde and European flavour.

  • The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard – Thought-provoking short video about sustainability: challenging externalised costs and 'designed for the dump'.

    Charming and engaging production. Lots to consider, especially when considered against questions of 'craft' and things that last as a result of value, good design and – importantly – ongoing in-life maintenance.

    Chilling to consider the questions of designed obsolescence, and discussions over building in breakage quickly enough to get more sales, but long enough not to destroy the consumer's faith in the brand.

    Buy good shoes. Have them resoled. Style over fashion.

    Annie touches upon my pet hate: why throw away a £3k digital SLR just because the sensor's out of date: why can't I upgrade the sensor and the circuit boards? Sigh.
    Now, where's my iPod?

  • The Atoma Product Range – Sigh – another type of notebook to add to my stationery fetish mullings… Not quite the leather-bound Smythson featherweight paper, but more flexible and, ahem, affordable.
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