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Going Underground: prestigious West End address, just 100ft underground.

BT is selling off some secret WW2 tunnels, originally built as air-raid shelters during the Second World War.

Water, leccy etc all provided. Probably quiet too. Views won’t be great (!) but it’s quite a talking point and you’d be able to jog for a mile each day without leaving your home.

Secret WW2 tunnels up for sale

Saith BT:

The property is now being offered to the market for purchasers with the resources and profile suited to re-using the site.  Sadly, however, restrictions mean there is no opportunity for the tunnels to become a smart new hotel, home or office.
Hewitt, said, “We are looking for a purchaser with the imagination and stature to return the tunnels to productive use. The site has the most fantastic history and, now that we have no requirement for it for telecommunications use, it is right that we should offer it to the market.  Here’s hoping it has a fantastic future as well.”

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