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Quilter St Olives: end of the first week of brine…


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Here a photo of the olives after their first week in brine.

Since starting on the preserving olives route last month I’d been soaking the olives in plain water, changing daily.

Last week I moved onto the soak-for-a-week-in-brine and this is the state of affairs just before I rinsed them and put into a fresh briney solution.

Although it looks a bit ‘brown’ and hazey it smells OK – not exactly “olivey” but then not exactly anything. The olives still feel firm so I’m hoping that they’ve not started festering.

Let’s see how things progress – only another 3 months to eating…

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  1. Will follow your story with interest. I am a fan and owner of olives and the harvest has just begin. Sadly, I will have to wait until December before I can inspect.

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