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PlanHQ – Basecamp meets business planning

This looks interesting. It is a ‘living business plan’ service that helps you create a business plan (nice layout), collaborate with your team (comments, a nifty “confidence monitor” – thank goodness it didn’t use smileys…) and assessment of financial performance against goals. It’s all dressed in that attractive rounded-edges-and-pastel ‘web2.0’ look that Basecamp has ‘made its own’ (as Simon Cowell might say).

The problems with static business plans are clear: no sooner is it printed than it’s out of date; the milestones need to go into one application for tracking; the targets and financial model go elsewhere; further tools are used for discussions and developing strategy… In all, it’s a humongous effort simply to create the document and then link it to everyday business.

This software looks like a good attempt that will work well for small teams or those currently unencumbered with existing systems – provided you’re in the US of course… The system is US-oriented and (of course) there’s no thought of international options. I can’t imagine a UK business denominating their activities in US dollars just because the software looks neat 😉

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  1. A good find and worthwhile assessment Ian. Very much a shame its US based as this kind of solution would be ideal for my business. On the basis of ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ I’ve just emailed a question through on this to the CEO – I’ll let you know if there is the potential for this so your readers are aware.

  2. Hi Paul – thanks for your comments. FYI I had a nice email from the CEO this morning and I find that they’re a New Zealand company (naughty me for assuming US because of the $) and that £ and Euro are options. I think that Tom will be posting later so I’ll not steal his thunder now.

    If you get round to evaluating this before me please do let me know and either give us your view or send me the link to the results on your blog 🙂

  3. Thanks for the write up Ian, we’ll make it a bit more obvious that it supports multiple currencies, a few people have missed this and mentioned it now.

    Any other thoughts let me know,

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