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Innovation Forum: Launch event: Who wants tomorrow’s papers?

I’m looking forward to Tuesday evening when we have Khoi Vinh, Design Director for speaking at the inaugural “Innovation Forum” event at Bush House.

The event’s being organised by Nico Macdonald, with whom I’m collaborating on a Future Media Summit project (there’s some information on that at the bottom of the Innovation Forum page).

Khoi’s being joined by Victor Keegan of the Guardian, Paul Adams of Flow Interactive, Mike “Dorf” Altendorf of Conchango and Tom Savigar of The Future Laboratory.

Booking is via the event booking site, powered by the most lovely EventWax. I’ve been keen to try this out in anger for a while and I’m not disappointed.

Finally, do make sure to check out (and contribute to) the Future Media group on Ma.gnolia if you’d like to keep across the developing debate.

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