in Technology : MacWorld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Live Coverage

Not quite “being there”, and not as fast as IRC, but props to the folk at MacRumours for their line by line coverage of Job’s keynote…

Read this bottom up… I particularly like the “crowd cheers” commentary.

9:43 am one device, not 3 separate
9:43 am crowd goes wild again
9:42 am 3rd
internet communicator
9:42 am revolutionary
9:42 am mobile phone
9:42 am 2nd
9:42 am crowd goes wild
9:42 am widescreen ipod
9:42 am first
9:42 am 1984 – first mac
2001 first ipod
today – introducing 3 revolutionary products

I know, I’m a sucker, but I WANT ONE.

Just nipping off to find a way to preorder… 🙂

My only sadness is that it’s not like the Newton Reborn… Your day will come again, my sweet. Soon, yes soon.

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  1. i had exactly the same thought – please be newton like. just minus the weight!!!! does look sexier than the newton.

    you’re right. the newton will return! 🙂 maybe by the time iphone reaches AU it will be on v2 and have incorporated more newton features.

    didn’t know u were a fan!! jen

  2. Heh – yes, I was a Newton fan. I borrowed an early one (was it the ‘100’?) and found it an exercise in love over reality. By the time the 110 came along I thought it was quite swish, but also realised that fundamentally the device needed to be “connected”. Odd to recall that it was before GPRS, 3G, wireless, bluetooth etc…

  3. As well as the iPhone triple wow (phone ipod internet communicator) watching the whole keynote the central role of itunes in everything seems like a brilliant strategic move, although I suspect the name will change eventually.

    Running on mac and pc it is creating apple simplicity for everything from media download to synching your mobile without an extra 149 pounds. It also looks after the apple tv which will give the dvd retailers and renters a run for their money in the future.

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