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Card Bawdy. Card is a four letter word.

Glorious site!

I’ve already posted about the origami envelop from the good folk at Flying Pig. Their recent newsletter mentioning the Christmas models for you to cut out and make (ideal for entertaining the kids).

The newsletter also mentioned, tongue in cheek, that the owner, Rob Ives, has “been forced” to remove links to the ‘naughty’ card creations – CardBawdy (as in ‘cardboad-y’, I assume. Heh). You can see the delightfully British ‘bonking bunnies’ above.

It’s a cute piece of marketing since – unsurprisingly – Rob’s the person behind CardBawdy too.

At £2.95 for the rabbits though it’s hardly any more expensive that a posh birthday card, yet way more fun.

Pass me the scissors, please!

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