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OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster DNS

I’ve just tried this on my laptop and can immediately notice a very positive difference – especially sitting here on a client’s wireless network.

With connectivity coming out of one’s ears the real slow-down on the web today is slow or unresponsive DNS servers. Leaving these settings to your ISP’s overstretched or out-of-touch servers has never been ideal.

OpenDNS uses the sheer volume of users to effectively build a web cache, leading to a faster experience for many sites. In addition they are able to flag phishing sites to their whole user-ship and finally they offer some re-routing to sites after spelling mistakes and transposition errors.

Neat. Free. Effective.

There are great instructions for routers by brand (if you have access) and desktop settings/walkthroughs where you’re just improving your own browsing experience.

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