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Targeting the 18-34 year olds: pick the right bait

Heather Hopkins – Hitwise UK: What are 18 to 34 Year Olds Doing Online? Managing Content to Your Target Market

Interesting blog posting on the Hitwise weblog as Heather Hopkins mulls the proliferation of free papers targeting this age group. Turning to data (which Hitwise has a-plenty) Heather has looked at their behaviour and suggests the dainties with which one would bait the trap:

in order to attract the 18-34 year old audience, websites such as This is London and The London Paper should consider not just entertainment news and celebrity gossip, but a social aspect or links to social networks such as MySpace, content on wedding planning, reviews of videos and games, and a job board.

That rings true.

Check out the posting for the analysis and data.

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