“Jog4John” – The Results!

The run, ’tis done! With thanks to all who sponsored, sent good wishes and were kind enough not to laugh too loudly at the thought of me running!

Thanks to our generous donors my total raised issome £1,700 – a magnificient result. If anyone would like to add to the total post hoc then please feel free to click the old Paypal button here…

I’m not sure what the grand total is as yet, but we look good to break the £10k mark and, importantly, make a major contribution to John’s treatment. Lorraine is really to be commended here for organising the event (including the waymarking, getting the venue and roping people in). Brava.

The run itself was nearly fun. In stages it went like this:
* great sendoff from Claude Moraes, London’s own MEP
* sunny, warm day with a pleasant urban jog along the Mile End Road and thence the canal to Limehouse basin
* day become hot, legs are now tired, but cheered by joining the Thames Footpath which, well, runs alongside the Thames. All very Pepys (wrong bank, but otherwise perfect), then a run through Canary Wharf. Best view I’ve ever had of the place.
* gets all urban grime again. Feel knackered. Want to stop. Daren’t.
* arrive at the Thames Barrier Park – what an amazing place!
* Crawl to the Brick Lane Music Hall (yes, I know it’s not in Brick Lane, thank you!) where an enormous spread of teas, cakes, savouries and more cakes awaited.

The time was awful – 1 hour 10mins – until Chris admitted that the distance was a bit wrong and we’d just run 10k. Not so bad then, after a fortnight’s “practice”.

Once everyone had arrived we had a very moving couple of thanks and speeches which both reinforced why everyone had contributed so generously and gave spirits a boost – no mean feat to pull off!

Donors and other notes after the jump…

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Coup de Boule

coup_de_boule.mp4 (video/mp4 Object)

Coup de boule. Headbut. Zidane. Folk hero. Cheesey song. Ringtones too. Just great – I’ve been humming it all evening. Go ZZ.

The record label’s site for the song is here while the BBC News story is here.

Clearly this blog does not condone violence on or off the pitch etc, and was tempted to make a long-drawn-out post about the differences in national psyche and mass forgiveness for World Cup Red Cards (Rooney, Beckham, Zidane). Frankly, though, with such a good tune it’d be overkill.