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Scoopt Words: we blog, they sell

Scoopt Words – sell your blog content to the media…

Interesting development here by the Scoopt folk. Best known as an aggregator of ‘citizen journalism’ (ie you send them your MMS ‘scoops’ and they’ll sell them). They now offer a service which links bloggers’ content with editors’ desire for content.

This is less “pop will eat itself” than “media will feed itself”. Ideal for journalist wishes to fill space, balance debates and troll for ideas, and also for the quirky, excellent, knowledgeable and hip to get an even wider circulation for their wordage.

This marks another turn of the wheel in the age-old (dis)intermediation debate: no sooner is mainstream media exploded into the atoms of user-generated content sources than a ‘new aggregator’ arises – whether a rating system (eg Technorati) or a marketplace/exchange.

Nowadays, we may all be authors and digital media producers, but every author needs both a publisher and an audience. Even in the land of ‘content/publishing/web/other 2.0’.

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