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“Tertius” Jindal – arrives at last!

So, here we have the result of Project Tertius, or "Tershey" as he’s been known for months in utero…

Quick facts (more later for doting family etc):

Born: 3 June 2006, 10.30pm by caesarean after 18 hours of labour.

He was a doughty 10lbs 11oz and he and Vicky are both doing well – back from hospital late on Tuesday.

We’ve called him Aneirin Michael Alexander.

Aneirin‘s work is the oldest poetry in the British Isles – a Welshman before there was a Wales; Michael was Vicky’s father and Alexander my grandfather.

Aneirin (pronounced "an-AY-rin", not "an-EYE-rin") seems very good natured but that’s based upon a short acquaintance, during which time he (or I) have been sleeping or eating. Sometimes both.

Manon and Alice have been in turns very sweet and then bored with him: he doesn’t have a very high ‘play factor’ for them at present! 

  1. Fabulous news! Congratulations to all involved in the long Tertius project, especially the production manager who’s kept it all going.


  2. Well done Vicky and Ian too!
    Sarah told me, we didn’t think that you would mind.
    Keep in touch, it’s only fifteen years…

  3. Congratulations
    Numero 3
    oh .. and to Ian Vicky and family too !

    loads of luck from Stephen Edi, Alex and Zsofia

  4. Does this mean I’m blogging? Not sure I was learning from radio4 late last night.

    More importantly – fantastic news and congrats to you all. Now the fun really begins – I’m serious – twins + 1 is definitely maximum entertainment for all. Looking forward to meeting Aneirin in person.

    Lots of love from us all xxxxxx

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