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SixApart’s “Comet”: MySpace meets blogging and Flickr

No sooner have I queried just how quickly the buzz will die away from MySpace than Sixapart announce “Comet” (no, not the UK electricals retailer! Note though that the logo is white reversed out of red – similar to the old Comet logo before the brown/gold one).

With MySpace users so young (aka fickle) – more than half are under 18 – the battle is more for the maturing, late, loyal adopters, rather that the teen-locusts who’ll just move on to the next crop field and devour that as soon as the wind changes.

Comet offers a combo of blogging, personal site (structured around interests, books etc) and photos (Flickr-like). This seems to offer a step about the fast-moving, transient MySpace pages while not requiring the commitment to running your own blog. Good middle ground, and possibly a more sustainable business model.

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