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BBC: “Heathrow ‘should be phased out’ “

Interesting that this debate has opened: it would have been inconceivable until recently (when British Pride would have required us to rally to the LHR flag and keep pushing for more runways, more terminals and – go on – a travelator from Oxford Circus).

Leaving aside the undoubted environmental impact of creating a 4-runway, 10-terminal behemoth in the path of migrating birds etc, this idea must surely be tickling the fancy of the London Development Agency and the East London boroughs… Never mind the Olympics, why disband the team in 2012 – let just move downstream and start building!

This is one to watch.

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  1. Having seen this happen in Hong Kong it is no such a strange idea as I agree it first appears – swapping a cramped old airport for a new ultra-modern one with plenty of scope for expansion that is a pleasure to travel few has a lot going for it (you can be sure Norman Foster would be called upon again!), especially as I am typing this in Sydney airport which seems in desparate need of a revamp (feels very like LHR terminal 1 last time I was there i.e. old and so depressing you look forward to being cramped on an economy seat for 9 hours because that will be better!

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