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Thanks. No. Polite way to dissuade social spammers..

Thanks. No.

This is a bit “english” (polite) and “american” (upfront) at the same time…

Normally, if I get spammy cc-the-world mails from people I rant about how they are human spam-virus propagators. They tend not to do it again, but equally I don’t have as many friends as I used to 😉

This is a bit more polite, personal and – well – it’s just quicker than the effort of being nice…

Best of all, the effort of saying “stop it or meet my spam filter’s blacklist” is now roughly equivalent to the time they took to spam you in the first place. Balance. Zen.

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  1. I like the american ‘therapy-esque’ – ‘no one hates you’ bit, very reassuring and will no doubt help if there are class action law suits in the future for loss of earnigns due to inducing depression etc.

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