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Short URLs – useful roundup

TidBITS: The Incredible Shrinking URL

Good URLs are all the rage at the moment – very ‘web 2.0’! The requirements are that they’re clear, logical, hackable, persistent, don’t expose either the identifiers or the underlying technology etc (see – I was listening yesterday 🙂 ).

Anyway, apropo none of the above, this article on TidBits is a timely roundup of the URL-reduction services available to tame those dotted-domain+long-URL+session-keys+embedded-query+platform-specific URLs…

Normally, I use tinyurl but I’ve just been intro’d to LookLeap – looks neat. Not just a bland tinyurl domain, but a preservation of the destination address. Nice. Absolute shortness isn’t needed (provided the URL fits on a line) but the information “payload” is increased.

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