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At least we know where Galloway is for the next month…

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Galloway joins Big Brother house

Ah – showing either his ironic sense of humour and the ridiculous, or his disregard for the small matter of turning up in parliament to represent his constituents (he’s my MP, apparently) Gorgeous George enters the BB house.

Of course, I may grow the love his roguish charm. Or I might just remember his performance in parliament as a part-timer…

Interestingly, now that he’s a party of one he doesn’t rebel.

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  1. I agree with you about GG – I think its a gross neglect of duty and a breach of the MPs code of conduct. He’s meant to be acting for the public interest and not glorifying himself or making the job of MP something to be laughed at alongside failed pop stars.

    In fact it made me so cross that I started a new campaign here – – so please sign up!

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