Fortieth Feast – ‘Tux Mex’ – Come mi enchilada, Chica!

Come mi enchilada chica!

What can I say?

I turned 40 this week and – not wishing to make too big a deal of it (denial? moi?) – I “suggested” to a good friend, Ian Worley, that we just hang out and do a barbeque (an allweather barbeque, that is: raincoats and headtorches in the garden, that kinda thing).

Ian’s barbeque activity is legendary and I recall many wonderful BBQs which introduced me to tomales, chicken in the chocolate and chile mole… Sigh.

Anyway, before I know it the idea’s gone from “slob around and scoff straight off the grill” to a “posh” dinner (more “Tux-Mex” than “Tex-Mex”). Vicky’s got us organised into a Mexican Theme and Ian’s now “been volunteered” to create a veritable Mexican Feast. Think “Babette’s Feast” but with lots of chile, no turtles and bucket of Mojito per person.

The first indication that this was a non-trivial undertaking came on Saturday as Ian and Karen hit Borough Market like crack Navy Seals on a food mission. The next was this amazing menu.

Leaving aside Karen’s photoshopping skills (that moustache? the smiling donkey?), just look at that menu!

Update later with some pics on the evening’s activities, but right now just an immense “thank you” to Ian and Karen for effort above and beyond the call of friendship 🙂

Whovel: a WHeeled shOVEL. Neat.

Wovel – Wovel Photos

Wovel Photos – bet that phrase will send corporate web proxies into paroxysms of denial 😉

Neat combo of wheel (movement and leverage) and shovel. Not sure though that you wouldn’t put your back out trying energetic flips, nor that having 10kg of snow flipped skywards is going to help the clearing effort.

As a suggested upgrade, why not have either a snowploug front end (just run along the path, clearing a route) or have a twist/elliptical pivot so that the shovel flicks to one side as its raised?

No royalties required for these design “improvements” 🙂

Alan Partridge does the famer’s market?


Yes indeed! Alan Partridge plays “Farmer Sharp” at Borough Market.

All of the staff on the stall were dressed in matching outfits. They played this with a very straight face and so I can’t decide whether they are ignorant of the likeness or supremely ironic.

Appetising: Squat and Gobble


How lovely. Walking in the West End last night I come across this delightfully-named eatery: Squat and Gobble. The crapcam was to hand to record the scene in Charlotte Street.

If I said ‘squat and gobble’ I don’t think that baked potatoes would be the first picture conjured…

Sun editor held in Kemp assault

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Sun editor held in Kemp ‘assault’

Well well. No facts. A possible family upset, and certainly no topic to be splashed across the pages of tabloids in a callous manner, solely to increase ratings…

Hm. Wonder if that’ll be how the Sun’s tabloid chums will see this?

Wonder if the Sun’s “no comment” will be respected, or can we expect a gleeful feeding frenzy like that which ‘did for’ Blunkett?

Stand by for a bout of double standards on the part of the Sun…

I’ll just reach for my “surprised” face, with the ShockHorror haircut.