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BBC R4’s Peter Day on Peter Drucker

BBC NEWS | Business | Remembering Peter Drucker

This is a lovely piece from Peter Day on the passing of Peter Drucker. You get a flavour of both men’s personalities from this piece.

It also served to introduce me to Day’s “Work in Progress” pieces, an:

exploration of the big trends upheaving the world of work as we steam further into the twenty-first century; and it is a work in progress, influenced and defined by my encounters as I report on trends in business and organisations all over the world

Peter Day covers a lot of ground at the BBC on business, but my favourite is “In Business”. When I think I know about a topic I always learn more, and when I know I know nothing (!) I find the presentation accessible.

Best of all the programme’s available to download (when it’s on air, that is. Check out the “Listen Again” page on the BBC when the new series begins).

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