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Fortieth Feast – ‘Tux Mex’ – Come mi enchilada, Chica!

Come mi enchilada chica!

What can I say?

I turned 40 this week and – not wishing to make too big a deal of it (denial? moi?) – I “suggested” to a good friend, Ian Worley, that we just hang out and do a barbeque (an allweather barbeque, that is: raincoats and headtorches in the garden, that kinda thing).

Ian’s barbeque activity is legendary and I recall many wonderful BBQs which introduced me to tomales, chicken in the chocolate and chile mole… Sigh.

Anyway, before I know it the idea’s gone from “slob around and scoff straight off the grill” to a “posh” dinner (more “Tux-Mex” than “Tex-Mex”). Vicky’s got us organised into a Mexican Theme and Ian’s now “been volunteered” to create a veritable Mexican Feast. Think “Babette’s Feast” but with lots of chile, no turtles and bucket of Mojito per person.

The first indication that this was a non-trivial undertaking came on Saturday as Ian and Karen hit Borough Market like crack Navy Seals on a food mission. The next was this amazing menu.

Leaving aside Karen’s photoshopping skills (that moustache? the smiling donkey?), just look at that menu!

Update later with some pics on the evening’s activities, but right now just an immense “thank you” to Ian and Karen for effort above and beyond the call of friendship 🙂

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