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“Windswept” accidental family photo


Woo – family photo!

We were wandering through Columbia Road flower market (where we live) with Antony, great friend, recently arrived from Hong Kong.

In the market there’s a great photography gallery called Lupe which is in a nicely renovated warehouse style building, housing a very attractice combination of art and commercial photography. Very accessible, very attractive and very assured.

Seamus Ryan is the gallery’s director and a commercial photographer in his own right. Anyway, he’s instigated a series of ‘shoots’ in the gallery on sundays, taking people straight from the market. He’d done a shoot called “Jump” where members o’the public bounced on trampolines against a black background. The results are posted on the website here.

So much for history. We were in the gallery last Sunday and the theme was “hero”: there was a stout “cloudy” background and a great windmachine. People were posing in napoleonic poses and generally having a laugh. Antony suggested that we all pose and, after a moment’s thought, Seamus went for it. The result is this fun ‘family photo’. The quality is lovely (medium format, film, well scanned… Ah – can’t beat it). The pose is a laugh although I’m a bit saddened that my wiry thatch doesn’t really ‘do’ wind!

The shoot has been renamed “Windswept” rather than “Hero”, but I think our pose is a mix between both 😉

Have a look through the whole shoot and you’ll see many local characters and market regulars in a new light. It’s a great record of the community and a fun way to spend time on a Sunday.

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  1. What a lovely photo of the family, even though I was there it looks like the top of a blustery mountain range in the dazzling sun!

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