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Google Talk and Jabber

Google Talk | MacMegasite

Google’s new service, ‘Talk’ made a front page splash on today’s FT with talk of a move away from ‘organising information’ to becoming a ‘portal for everything you want to do online’. They didn’t mention the new ‘open standards’ that Google would be using/inventing, but MacMegasite have revealed that the underpinnings are Jabber‘s standards which are in use. Excellent!

There’s also details of how to configure your IM client… Just done that and I’m not in splendid isolation as the online person I know on Google Talk! I’m sure that won’t last long, but in the meantime I’m going to try and work out what it’s going to add to my life, over and above the AIM, MSM, YIM, Jabber and IRC accounts I already have…

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  1. true… google talk is a nice thing indeed. they say they’ve got plans for their stuff… “cool features” as they called it hehe… well if you’re so alone you can add me to your contacts, there’s a world of isles on google talk since it’s still a new client and is fresh out the oven.

    Do you think it will catch mainstream just like MSN or Yahoo or AIM have? I personally hope it superceeds the rest… and they will be forced to federate and co-operate.

  2. As you mentioned Swiss bank accounts it has always seemed very strange that there is lots of huffing and puffing about the evils of corruption, drug smuggling etc. but somehow the Swiss are smug and proud of their long history of money laundering (aka annonymous bank accounts).

    At least the British look fairly embarrassed of their past as drug smugglers into China and thankfully gave that up as a state sponsored business a long time ago.

    Perhaps its time for the Swiss to do the same?

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