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Starting with a good omen: win an egg


10kg of egg. Yes, Ten. Kilogrammes. Best Belgian chocolate.

So, there I was in Selfridges in Manchester looking for a little Easter pressie for the girls. The chocolate concession is in the basement and I remember thinking as I walked past the display that the egg in the centre was one humungous slab of chocolate.

Anyway, I proceeded to spend ages looking for the smallest chocolate offering possible (rationale being that we don’t want to get the girls hooked on chocolate, but wanted to give them a treat. Hmmm). The shop assistant was really nice and helpful, given that it’s a bit of a pain having someone in a chocolate shop making a fuss about buying chocolate…

Anyway, as I paid for the £6 of tiny chocolate chickens and she asked if I wanted to be entered in the free draw for the Mighty Egg. I just knew that I’d won, don’t know why or how, and so offered to take the egg with me there and then to save admin 🙂

Later that evening, in London at home, I recounted the feeling of ‘general luckiness’ that had filled me – to much mirth and piss-taking all round.

I put this to the back of my mind and for the next two days felt just generally happy and lucky. Made me think that being lucky and feeling lucky must be the same thing. Same, apart from piles of winnings, eggs, cash etc. Existentially the same, therefore 🙂

Anyway, on Friday I got a call saying that I’d won the egg!


Collecting it, getting it home (needed to put the seats down to fit in the car!) and then staring for days in shock… We gave every visitor as much as they could eat and carry, but it’s still taunting us…

Now I just get teased for using up my supply of luck on an egg, rather than a ‘win the ferarri’ competition or doing the National Lottery…

Next time 🙂

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  1. As Ian knows I too lament the demise of film, but realise that the convenience of an instant dark-room (the image view at the back of the camera is effectively this) is hard to compete with – meets my personal ‘is it 10 times better’ test to see if consumer behaviour can be changed.

    For a lot of people the chip has become the ‘film’ that gets taken to the photo-printers, but somehow I feel uncomfortable if people rely on digital storage rather than printing their pictures out – we all know the fickleness of hard discs and after reading about the difficulty of protect home burnt CDs form self-erasing due to UV exposure, humidity or time, family albums could disappear very easily.

    On a slightly different but related note with so much electronic based communication going on handwriting (like film photography) seems to me likely to become a quaint craft that people use very rarely, with unfamiliarity for special occassions!

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